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Testing abstract types and mother pattern

Testing Abstract Types and Mother Pattern

Technical , .Net

This topic presents interesting insights in creation of unit test methods for abstract types, thus isolating object creation from the test itself. This way, we avoid failing unit tests when we introduce some new changes to objects whose functionalities are tested. Read more.

Ognjen Babic

By Ognjen Babić| .NET Developer 30.06.2017.

Kentico partnership level update

Kentico partner level update

General , News

As of July 7th 2017, EXLRT has reached the Kentico Silver Partner level. We’re very proud of this achievement! Read more.

Marc Vieleers

By Marc Vieleers | CEO of EXLRT 10.07.2017.

Be a Personalization Leader: The What, Why, Who, When, Where of Content Personalization

Be a Personalization Leader: The What, Why, Who, When, Where of Content Personalization

General , Strategy/Personalization

Despite years of personalization-hype, you still don't feel like your company has really nailed the whole personalization thing. It's OK!
This article kicks off a new series I'm writing on the various levels of sophistication for implementing data-driven content personalization in the enterprise. I've labeled the approaches crawl, walk, and run. In this first post, we'll make sure we're on the same page about personalization in general by covering the five W's. Read more.

Karl Johnson

By Karl Johnson | Managing Director, US 06.07.2017.

Java testing frameworks

Introduction to a few Java test frameworks

Technical , Java

Overview of interesting topics from Java Conference held in Barcelona in June 2017. Brief look at Spock, AssertJ and Awaitility Java test frameworks. Read more.

vladimir maletic

By Vladimir Maletić | Senior software developer

danijel pribic

and Danijel Pribić | Senior software developer 28.06.2017.

visual studio 2017

What’s new in Visual Studio 2017

Technical , .Net

Microsoft recently released a new version of Visual Studio - VS2017. It brings many new features which we review in this blog post. Read more.

igor let

By Igor Let | Software Developer 09.01.2017.

sitecore commerce image

Saddle up with Sitecore Commerce

New Sitecore Comerce 8.2.1, simply called Sitecore Commerce has been launched. The new product brings us two major solutions, native personalization and native optimization. Check out in more detail about enhancments of Sitecore Commerce... Read more.

darko golijanin

By Darko Golijanin | Software Developer 17.02.2017.

C# 7 image

What’s new in C# 7

If you embraced Visual Studio 2017 and you want to check out what fresh code features can be used with it, you came to the right place. Find out what cool and new virtues are available with new Visual Studio and C# 7. Read more.

Ognjen babic

By Ognjen Babić | Software Developer 28.12.2016.

reduce-oversized-preview-images-in-kentico-pages-application image

Reduce oversized preview images in the Kentico Pages application

The Kentico Media Selector allows content editors to preview selected media files and manage them in order to provide a superior user experience. Read more.

Drazen Janjicek

By Dražen Janjiček | Principal Consultant 03.07.2017

Tridion developer summit 2017 my favorite 3 topics

Tridion Developer Summit 2017 - My Favorite 3 Topics

The Tridion Developer Summit (TDS) - 2017, one of the most anticipated events in any SDL Tridion/Web developer’s calendar, was held on the 11th and 12th of May in Amsterdam and what an event it was... Read more.

Atila Šoš

By Atila Šoš | Software Developer 30.05.2017.